Energy Assistance

The right to live in a warm home, to breathe clean air, and to have an affordable electric bill are among our most basic human rights.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a state and federally funded resource that levels the scales of poverty in our community with services to improve energy conservation, air quality and heat loss. Available to serve the rental dwellings of qualifying residents, the program provides professional energy management through the following services:

✓  Homeassessment

✓  Insulation (floor, attic, duct and walls)

✓  Airsealing

✓  Gas appliance testing

✓  Furnacerepairs

✓  Carbon Monoxide detectors

✓  Education on energy conservation and the dangers of lead



These days, your power bill is so much more than just keeping the lights on.

From stovetops, computers and heat to life-sustaining medical devices, electricity is essential for modern living. When it’s in danger of being disconnected, there’s a lot on line–especially for children, seniors and those living with disabilities.

The Energy Assistance Program provides grants to assist qualifying households with heating and energy costs. For Tacoma residents meeting income guidelines, funds are provided once per program year. The program will also provide education on energy conservation and additional resources for rental assistance, portable air conditioning units and more.