Racism is a historically destructive force, deliberately designed to devalue, oppress, and rob humanity of its fullest potential on the basis of skin color, ethnicity, and ancestral identity. Racism is the fallacy used to justify heinous, inhuman, and inequitable treatment. Racism is the social construct poison that stealthily compromises and kills based upon a belief system that has no factual basis. It is the discrimination from which people of color cannot hide, and is the thief that robs its subscribers of the ability to view all people as equals.

The only way we can effectively destroy this powerful force is by confronting all types of racism — individual, institutional, and systemic — and work collectively to implement systems of racial equity through both proactive and preventative action.

MDC is committed to this work. We support, stand in solidarity with, and actively participate in the dismantling of all systems of racist and socially unjust inequities.