Individual Donor

The generosity of the community makes it possible for MDC to help make an apartment a home for a young adult who was previously homeless, to ensure that thousands of homes are able to keep the power on and hundreds of families will have a place to call home this winter.

Without the support of the community, none of this is possible. The struggling economy has put a greater demand on MDC services while donations are shrinking. This year, your support to MDC and the community is crucial. Listed below are a few ways that you can help make an important difference. If your organization, group or business is interested in getting involved in one or more of the following ways, call the MDC Resource Advancement Office at (253) 284-9056 for more information.

Individual Donations

This holiday season, a portion of what you spend at Fred Meyer or can be donated to MDC!  This is money that you’re already spending on holiday gifts and grocery shopping, and it just takes a moment to setup.

Fred Meyer: Take a quick moment and login to your rewards account or set one up and then link your card to MDC:  When asked to select your favorite organization, enter “MDC.”

Amazon Smile: When you shop for gifts on, use the url instead, and a portion of what you spend will be donated to MDC.  It helps to add to your favorites to help you remember while you shop!

Your community group or business can help us with a Fund Drive

Some popular ideas include:

  • Hold a fund drive at your school, business or community group.
  • Hold raffles for a day off with pay, reserved parking spots, getaways, etc.
  • Have an “empty your pockets” day (or week) and collect all the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters from everyone.
  • Skip a meal. Ask colleagues to skip a meal and donate the money they would have spent on food. This will also give the participants a perspective on how hunger impacts their daily lives.
  • Host a holiday party and instead of bringing gifts, wrap a picture of the gift you would have brought for a friend or colleague to unwrap and donate the money instead

Steps for setting up a fund drive:

  • Register your event
    Let us know what you’re planning to do and when your event is taking place. We can provide you with supplies and can even advertise your event on our events calendar. To register your event and coordinate supply pickups please e-mail
  • Choose your location
    Be sure that the drop off location is well marked and easy to get to. Posting “MDC Needs Drive Drop-Off Point” signs. Enhance your collection by using MDC collection barrels, sleeves, and posters. Put these where people can see them, but don’t obstruct foot/vehicular traffic. If you’re holding a drive at school consider having barrels inside the entrance where the most foot traffic is.
  • Set a date for your drive
  • Set a monetary goal for your drive
    Be conservative, especially if it’s your first drive.
  • Decide on the details
    Choose a theme, type of drive, and the duration of the drive. Decide if you want the drive to be a one-time collection event or a multi-week competition between classrooms or offices. Many drives take place over a week or more, so people have a longer period of time to bring in their items.
  • Select drive leaders
    Select dependable people with good leadership skills, and enough free time to be helpful.
  • Orient your drive leaders
    Explain the need for for the items you are collecting, confirm dates, and explain drive procedures.
  • Spread The Word
    Create a slogan that relates to your organization.
    Send a list of needed items provided by MDC.
    Two weeks before the drive publicize it in school newsletters, online,
    in e-newsletters, on posters and bulletin boards.

You can help make an apartment a home for a young adult who was previously homeless in our community. In June, MDC opened 14 apartments for young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 years old, and we need your help to furnish the rooms and create a home.

You can donate individual items to MDC at 945 Fawcett Avenue in downtown Tacoma, new and in their original packaging, or donate funds through our website at to help us purchase these items. We need at least 14 sets of the following:

• Dining – dishes, silverware, and glassware

• Bathing – towel sets, shower curtain, shower caddy, bath mat, waste basket

• Bedding – twin bedding sets, pillows, pillow cases, comforter, blanket throw, mattress pad

• Cooking – large/small pots, pans, waste basket, spatula, measuring cup, measuring spoon

• Cleaning – mop, dish drainer, broom, dust pan, dish soap, laundry soap, laundry basket, bucket, dish towels, toilet brush, plunger

Current Drop-off locations

  • MDC – 945 Fawcett Avenue, Tacoma WA. 98405

For more information on how to participate, please contact today.

MDC partners with Volunteers of America to benefit from your vehicle donation. If you have a car, boat or other vehicle you would like to donate (running or not), please call 1-877-CAR-4-VOA (1-877-227-4862). They will coordinate pickup of the vehicle and all paperwork. Please mention MDC when calling to make sure we receive the proceeds of the donation.