MDC Spring 2018 Community News – Stepping up to better serve our community


Hi everyone. I am Rick Triggs, and for the last three years I have served MDC as the organization’s Chief Financial Officer. Late last year, I stepped into a new role as the Interim Chief Executive Officer in addition to my ongoing work as CFO. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to share why I am passionate about the work MDC does to serve people in our community.

I have a feeling that my story with MDC mirrors the experience of many people in our community. Despite my previous work with other nonprofit organizations in Tacoma, I didn’t really know about MDC until I attended an MDC Share Breakfast back in 2014. At that event, I got to know more about the variety of critical services MDC provides, from mental health and substance use disorder treatment, to access to more than 340 units of housing, to support for veterans, and education and employment services for youth and adults.

If it wasn’t for attending that event, I still might not know that MDC serves roughly 20,000 people each year in Tacoma and Pierce County, or how community members can support this work through personal donations or encouraging their workplace to help sponsor the Share Breakfast every year.

Over the last three years working for MDC, I have personally witnessed the impact of our work in the community – the ways we have helped individual clients to succeed and create new lives. I have also come to realize the critical needs in our community, and that without help from organizations like MDC, many people face the possibility of failing to create healthy new lives. This is why I am passionate about the work we do. Together with your individual and corporate support, we can help people transform their lives.

I hope you will join me in reading the client stories that will follow in the next few days, and in marking your calendar to attend the MDC Share Breakfast on the morning of September 27th. More information about the Share Breakfast to come.

When our community works together, we can support our neighbors and create a better Tacoma and Pierce County.