MDC Volunteers are engaged in many activities throughout our programs that help families and individuals in our community. From executive leadership to front line service provider, there are many ways for you to support the missions of MDC.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with MDC!

Volunteers help MDC programs and clients throughout the agency. Depending on need, opportunities may be available in the following areas: Administration, Resource Advancement, Housing Education, Employment and Healthcare. 

Volunteer options

Program Volunteer

Work as an onsite volunteer on a regular basis performing a specific role or task with an MDC program

Group Project Volunteer

Social service clubs, church groups and business employees can volunteer to perform one-time projects for MDC programs

Community Service Volunteers

Volunteers from organized community service programs from the education and justice systems are welcome provided they meet volunteer registration requirement.

MDC Leads

Community leaders are invited to participate in this leadership group that meets quarterly to learn about community needs and poverty and discuss real time solutions for our clients.

Advisory Circles

Community leaders are invited to join an advisory circles in support of healthcare, education, employment, and housing services. There is also a CEO Advisory Circle.

Board of Directors

The MDC board volunteers are recruited from three segments of our community; government; civic and representatives of the populations we serve.

Volunteer Registration

  • If you are interested in volunteering with MDC, please contact Human Resources  at HRDepartment@mdc-hope.org to schedule an orientation interview.
  • Prior to volunteering you will need to pass a Washington State Patrol background check.
  • Once you have passed the background check and attended your orientation interview, we will refer you to the program to coordinate training and schedule for the volunteer opportunities you are interested in. All MDC volunteers are placed based on the individual or group’s availability and MDC’s needs.
Team of volunteers picking up litter